We make logos, websites, software, 3D graphics, and more!

About Us

Hulihan (pronounced hoo-li-han) Applications

is a Utah based design company that makes logos, websites, software, 3d graphics, and other cool stuff.

In this industry, many people walk into a design contract with quite a bit of hesitation. Hiring a design firm for a site or logo, etc. isn't an everyday thing, and we understand that this might be a new experience for you. For those who have worked with a design company before, giv us a try, and you'll be surprised by the difference between us and most other design companies. We are known for our customer satisfaction and followthrough. Where other companies might not like to hear from you after their work is done, we encourage it! Let us know how everything's going, if you need anything expanded, revised, maintained, revamped, we're here for you!

So, look around the site, and if you see something that catches your eye, let us know.

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